Grinding diameter (mm) φ60/φ80
Distance between centers (mm) 280/320
Wheel diameter (mm) Normal wheel φ355
CBN wheel φ300/φ350


Optimum grinder for the mass production of small workpieces

CNC cylindrical grinders

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Spindle NC shift mechanism with easy setup change

Does not require changing the auto sizer position or setup change since spindles automatically adjust centers according to workpiece lengths.

Able to grind all steps by eliminating the driving dog

A dual-center drive has been adopted, driving the workpiece with the frictional force of the centers on either side.
This makes it possible to perform all steps of OD grinding without a driving dog.


Package A Dead spindle workhead spec.Package B Live spindle workhead spec.Package C Dual-center drive workhead spec.
Distance between centersmm320-320280
Max. grinding diametermm0~φ600~φ80
Load mass between centerskg2010105
WheelNomal wheelCBN wheelNomal wheelCBN wheel
Wheel O.D. x Width (max) x I.Dmmφ355×38[50]×φ127Straight φ300×30×φ100 Anguler φ350×30×φ100φ355×38[50]×φ127Straight φ300×30×φ100 Anguler φ350×30×φ100
Wheel surface speedm/s45

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