G32 Series

Grinding diameter (mm) φ220
Distance between centers (mm) 500/1,000/1,500
Wheel diameter (mm) φ405


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Wheel spindle

Hybrid TOYODA STAT BEARING are used for the wheel spindle bearings. Metal-to-metal contact will never occur with these highly rigid bearings, which have a high damping effect, make 0.016μm the new definition of wheel spindle rotational accuracy.

Spoke shape handle

The spoke shape handle of a fit preeminent feeling that considered the easiness of the operation to do is adopted.


Cylindrical grinder

GOP32 / GOS32
Swing over tablemmφ320
Distance between centersmm5001,0001,500
Grinding diametermmφ0~φ220
Standard dimension wheelmmφ405×75×φ127
Wheel surface speedm/s30 [45] / 30
Wheel spindle motorkW3.7 [5.5] / 3.7
Machine masskg2,9003,8004,600