Grinding diameter (mm) φ300
Distance between centers (mm) 500/1,000/
Wheel diameter (mm) Straight: φ450×φ127
Angular: φ455×φ127


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CNC cylindrical grinders

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GE4i-PRO: Excellent operability

With handle operation that feels like a hydraulic machine, this grinder is optimal for high-accuracy machining of individual workpieces. A single GE3i-PRO enables skilled technicians to use the machine as though it were hydraulic, and allows those with less experience to use it as an NC-controlled machine. This enables intuitive operation, digitization of know-how, and the passing down of technical knowledge to be achieved through the machine.


GE4Pi-50 GE4Ai-50 GE4Pi-100 GE4Ai-100GE4Pi-150 GE4Ai-150GE4Pi-200 GE4Ai-200
Distance between centersmm5001,0001,5002,000
Swing over tablemmφ320[φ400]
Max. grinding diametermmφ0~φ300
Load mass between centerskg150
Wheel O.D. × I.D.mmP type:φ405×φ127 A type:φ455×φ127 [only P type:φ510×φ203.2]
Wheel width(max)mm75[100(φ405,φ455)/50(φ510)]
Wheel surface speedm/s33[45]