Grinding diameter (mm) φ85
Distance between centers (mm) 700
Wheel diameter (mm) φ650


Twin wheels spec. grinder that achieves high accuracy, high productivity, and flexibility

CBN crankshaft grinders

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Reduced no. of grinding steps due to closer proximity between the left and right wheels

By making the closest proximity between the left and right wheels 18 mm, compared to the previous 50 mm, it has become possible to grind the pin and adjacent journal simultaneously. This has reduced the number of grinding steps and cycle time. (Not needed with shoulder grinding specifications)

Reduced set-up changeover due to a pin phase indexing system

Increase productivity with a pin phase indexing system using a touch sensor. It supports various workpieces with differing pin diameters and pin strokes, significantly reducing set-up changeover time. (also used for wheel diameter control and endface indexing)


Swing over tablemmφ500
Distance between centersmm700
Grinding diametermmφ35~φ85
Max. workpiece diametermmφ220
WheelMax. widthmm50
WheelMax. Surface speedm/s120120 [150]
Wheel head traversing method-V flat slide ball screwStatic pressure slide ball screw
Machine floor space (width × depth)mm4,800×4,775 (excluding the coolant tank)