Universal cell line for Mass Production

Horizontal spindle machining centers

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Minimum footprint suitable for mass production lines

Smallest machine footprint in its class
Constructing a production line from smaller machines is the key to raising space-efficient production. To make machines smaller, we have adopted small devices, revised device distribution and much more. Also, while keeping installation space compact, we have secured space sufficient for machining a wide range of workpieces. Most notably, by making the Z axis travel 850 mm, workpiece swing and long tool interference is prevented, and fixture design is made easy. There is also the option of supplying fixtures with hydraulic oil using the table-through method. Also, a hydraulic pump for the fixture and electromagnetic valve have been combined in a package, meaning extra features can be installed without using any more floor space than a standard machine.

Supporting hydraulic fixtures

A table-through method has been adopted for supplying hydraulic oil to the jig. Furthermore, the jig hydraulic pump and electromagnetic valve have been arranged in a package, allowing the machine to be installed in a surface area no bigger than that required for standard machines.