Grinding diameter (mm) φ300
Distance between centers (mm) 350/630
Wheel diameter (mm) φ350[φ100/φ150]


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High accuracy grinding promising a high quality grinding surface

● High-response wheelhead feed mechanism
● High-response servo system
Quick-response wheelhead feed mechanism adopting light-weighted wheelhead, static pressure slide way and linear motor drive achieves the wheelhead feed having almost free from lost-motion and backlash.
The newly developed high response servo system and high response feed mechanism enhance the accuracy and quality of pin and journal grinding surface.

Reduction of set-up changeover time

We also have set-up changeover items prepared which can respond to workpieces with difference lengths and diameters. This significantly reduces set-up changeover time, contributing to productivity improvement.


Swing over tablemmφ320
Distance between centersmm350/630
Grinding diametermmφ10~φ300
Wheel O.D.mmφ350 [φ100, φ150]
Wheel surface speedm/sφ350Wheel:120 [80] [φ100Wheel:60] [φ150Wheel:80]
Wheelhead min. input incrementmmφ0.0001
Wheelhead rotation speedmin-1250
Machine weightkg11,000