Grinding diameter (mm) φ300
Distance between centers (mm) 500/1,000/
Wheel diameter (mm) φ405[φ510]
*Angular: φ455


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CNC cylindrical grinders

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Low thermal displacement bed

Brings ingenuity to the bed shape and rib layout, and minimizes strain caused by room temperature, etc.

Heat isolation cover

Using CAE analysis, we have achieved a GL4i coolant route that is not easily affected by heat. By adding an isolation cover, a layer of air is created between the bed and the coolant route, which reduces the amount of heat that is transferred to the bed.

Wheel spindle with improved heat-release properties

The GL4i wheelhead’s heat release property reduces the temperature elevation of the bearing oil. The installation of an air type wheel spindle bearing lubricant fan reduces the temperature elevation of the bearing oil.


Swing over tablemmφ320 [φ400]
Distance between centersmm500/1,000/1,500/2,000
Grinding diametermmφ0~φ300
Wheel O.D. × widthmmφ405×φ127 [φ510×φ203.2]φ455×φ127
Wheel max. widthmm75 [100(φ405,φ455)/50(φ510)/100(φ510)]
Wheel surface speedm/s33 [45]
Wheel spindle drive motorkWWheel surface speed 30m/s Specifications:3.7(4P) [45m/s Specifications, OD φ510mm Specifications:5.5(4P)]
Workhead spindle speedmin-121~500
Machine weightkg4,000/5,000/6,000/7,000